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Naxos Yachting Tours

In the recent years, Naxos yachting has become one of the most widely preferred activities. For those who have hired a yacht before, it provides the certainty of personal choices. However, for first time visitors and especially for first time motor boaters in foreign waters, a skippered motor yacht is an an absolute must that will lead them to new experiences and new adventures.

Naxos Yacht rental businesses have increased in number to cover the island’s high demand, even during peak season. It is a fact that Naxos is the island with the highest demand on yacht cruises, compared with its other Cycladic sisters. It owes it all to its new and spacious marina and its ideal position that provides easy access to most other Cycladic islands. These conditions guarantee more room for the Naxos yachting tour businesses to grow.

Destinations in Cyclades islands

Taking a closer look at the map of the Cyclades islands, you will notice that a well-equipped motorboat can easily let you access most of the islands and leave plenty of leisure time for you and your friends to enjoy your day.

Among the most beautiful destinations within your reach are Paros and Antiparos to the west, Mykonos, Delos, Syros and Tinos to the north, Donoussa, Koufonissia, Amorgos, Iraklia, Schinoussa and Ios to the east and the south.

To all of you who think that Naxos cruises is an expensive adventure, think again! It has now become easily accessible to most tourists visiting Naxos island.

Your own cruise, your private adventure

Naxos yachting cruises also provide a unique opportunity.They allow you to control access to friends and family only if you wish. And because of the speed offered by these powerboats, you can visit 2 – 3 islands within the same day and swim in the cool waters of amazing beaches, inaccessible to most other tourists, eat at the best restaurants and walk in traditional alleyways experiencing the full essence of Cyclades. All this within a day!

If you wish, you can consult us to help you make the best possible plan. We have been navigating the Aegean Sea for decades; no one knows it like we do. Unlike a sailing boat, our  safe motorboats can take you to your destination fast and allow you to manage your tour without compromise, according to your own wishes and preferences.

Whether you prefer a chartered motorboat or not, we, at “Panteleos Mini Yachts”, have the solution for you. Our motorboats Filitsa I and Filitsa II come with a captain. Filitsa III, on the other hand, can be hired without a skipper, giving you the opportunity to captain your own motor yacht.

Your boat... Your rules

By joining us, you have the opportunity to hire a charted or an uncharted motor boat. Either way, we will provide all necessary information so that you enjoy your day to the maximum.

Just having fun OR having fun in style?

Nothing can beat the excitement and carelessness you will feel once you start the engine…

The facts


You will need

A fine yacht

We have not 1 but 3 yachts (motorboats) available for our clients, moored at the port of Naxos Town.

Amazing Destinations

Cyclades islands boast the most amazing beaches, traditional coastline villages and great food.

A sense of adventure

Cruising to unknown destinations is always exciting. The sea breeze, the playful dolphins...

Good company

Enjoy your cruising holiday with friends and family. No strangers on your yacht, only the best company.

Book your motorboat

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Why motor yachting?

Naxos motorboating


YOU set the route, YOU set the destination, YOU set the timetable.

Organize your holiday

according to your own preferences

Visit the destinations of your choice and the beaches you love most. Enjoy everything in your own time.

Where 2 go

If you think that Mykonos, Santorini, Koufonissia, Ios and Donoussa are too far away, think again! The most enchanting islands of the Cyclades are now within your reach. Visit 2 or 3 of them within the same day.

Mykonos island
Paros Naoussa
Greek island Santorini

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Check availability for one or more yachts or ask us for additional information. Make the first steps to an unforgettable maritime adventure.