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We challenge you to rent a boat or a rib with Naxos Yacht Charter and let us create the perfect summer vacations for you. We offer daily boat and rib cruises in high standards and we follow covid-19 protocols.

rent a rib to mykonos

This summer let us guide you to the most secluded destinations, like Mykonos.  Mykonos island is located almost in the centre of the Cyclades complex or the Greek islands. It is Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island with exciting nightlife. Time to get there from Naxos Town: 1 hour 20 minutes Places of Interest: Little Venice. Kalo Livadi, Paradise and Super Paradise beaches


In case you prefer the more “quiet” and peacefull places, Koufonisia is a perfect option for you.  Located between Naxos and Amorgos, the pair is an ideal place to relax and forget the world. It has no cars to speak of, everything is within walking distance, it has just the right number of people, stunningly beautiful beaches, some nudist and great food. rent a boat and idscover koufonisia

Our 3 motor boats can travel you fast to your destination. With speeds from 28 to 50 knots, you can access your private beach in no-time. Our vessels, Filitsa I, II and III are equipped with the latest technology gear and are easy to navigate.

Renting a boat or a rib for your holidays is now even more affordable. Whether you want a daily cruise or prefer to travel for 2 or more days, we can accommodate your wishes.

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~ Your own cruise, your private adventure!

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