Look and Feel Great on your Greek Island Yachting trip

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Looking good and feeling great is all part of a happy holiday experience. It applies even more when you have to travel with as little as possible and still make the most of it. The Greek summer sun can be harsh and on the water, where the sun reflects its rays, it can be even harsher without you realising it.

Bringing along the right stuff will not only make your Greek Island Yachting adventure better but also safer, ensuring you are protected at all times.

Greek Island Yachting - Beach accessories

Here are some tips to help you do that.

  1. Since you will be on the sea, common sense dictates you will need a good sunscreen to protect your skin throughout the day. Needless to say that sunglasses and a hat are equally important, if not more. A beach towel and a warm waterproof jacket for the evening chill are also necessary.
  2. A waterproof case for your mobile phone is also something to consider. It is not uncommon for holidaymakers to drop their phones into the sea. Such accidents are truly horrendous in the age of social media!
  3. Keep your skin looking and feeling fresh with moisturizer. Feed your skin by investing in moisturizers that contain vitamin E and are oil-free, because your natural oils will protect you as you travel on the water. If you have very dry skin use a serum with moisturizer to prevent damage and dehydration. Make sure the containers are small enough to be carried on a small bag.
  4. Use lip balm, preferably a non-greasy type, to prevent dry chapped lips throughout your yachting trip.
  5. To avoid oily hair that can be the result of sun, sea and natural oils that may get overactive under such conditions, get some travel-sized dry shampoo for between showers if you will be away from accommodations for a day or two. Applying the dry shampoo onto your roots before your hair has reached oiliness will do the trick.
  6. Wear minimal makeup and stick to the basics because the combination of sea air and moisture-laden with salt is going to affect it quite badly.
    Beauty Balm cream from a trusted manufacturer. It will keep you looking good and hide those mornings after-party eyes. Apply below the eyes where the skin is really sensitive. Fill eyebrows in with a liquid or wax formula to tame them. For the eyes, well, you know what’s best for yours but try the lighter shades to make them brighter.
  7. Dress Comfortable and Smart: Put on the proper clothes for a day at sea. Your clothes should enable you to move around freely, without being too loose or too tight. Wear fabrics that will help your skin to breathe and light colours so that the Mediterranean sun will not overheat you. In simple words, black is not the colour to wear.

Enjoy your yachting tour in safety and relaxation…