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Say “I’m going to Greece for a holiday” to someone and two things come to mind immediately, the Parthenon and Mykonos island. In fact, if you are a bit, or a lot, of a party animal, you will be hard pressed to claim to have visited Greece without having visited Mykonos Island as well.

Mykonos island

It is, according to many jet setters, the most fashionable and “in” island of Europe and for some more die hard partyers, in the world. The party in Mykonos simply never stops. Well…, in certain quiet and a little more remote spots, even yoga enthusiasts can revel in a beach-front relaxing yoga session to detox.

The motorboat Filitsa II can take you from Naxos Island to the very centre of party life in Greece which is none other than Mykonos. If you also want to claim to have taken in some culture and seen some ancient ruins, on the way to Mykonos a short stop on Delos Island is quite feasible. Why Delos? It is the ancient world’s only island dedicated to the ancient gods in its entirety. This makes it a top destination for many history buffs and only a short distance to Mykonos as well.

Charter today one of our motorboats and visit Rina Cave. Contact us for more information or book your yacht directly from our reservations form.


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