The most popular Naxos beaches

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We conducted a short, 2 week internet survey, to discover which are the most popular Naxos beaches. We soon realized that it would not be easy to create such a list.

Whether an island has one or one hundred beaches is immaterial as long as they are good. Naxos (at a quick count) offers 23 stunning beaches for tourists. It offers many more for the locals who know of them. This considerable variety leaves practically no one disappointed.

List of popular beaches of Naxos

The most popular of these are Agios Prokopios which is to the west of the island 5 km south of Naxos town (Chora). It is probably the most famous of Naxos’ beaches and has been titled one of Europe’s best beaches. It is a 1.2 km long sandy beach is stretching from East to West and the southern orientation protects bathers from the northerly winds, it is ideal for children.

Agia Anna comes next and is in actual fact a continuation of Agios Prokopios beach to the southwest. It is 7 km away from Naxos town (Chora). A sandy, well organized beach with facilities and lots to do till late in the evening.

Plaka is the longest beach on the island on the southwestern coast of Naxos 8 km south of Naxos town. It too is well protected from northerly winds. Well organized and sometimes hosts nudists at the one end.

Parthena and Mikri Vigla are in fact a single long beach, which is naturally divided in two sections by a huge rock. It is 16 kilometers southwest of Naxos town (Chora). Parthena beach is a renowned destination for kite and wind surfers. The quieter family beach side is that of Mikri Vigla, with a long coarse sanded beach but with calm and shallow waters.

Amitis is the windsurfer’s beach to the northwest close to Eggares village. Although the beach is a beautiful sandy stretch, the strong northern winds and its strong currents make it unsuitable for novice swimmers. Although not so popular to the average tourist, it is a widely preferred choice among nature enthusiasts as touristic development is almost non-existent in the area.

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