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We challenge you to rent a boat or a rib with Naxos Yacht Charter and let us create the perfect summer vacations for you. Donousa is an excellent option! Along with Koufonisia, Irakia, and Schinoussa, Donoussa is a tiny gem in the Small Cyclades island group! Its waters are crystal clear and the small island has managed to escape the overwhelming tourist development that is seen on many other islands of the Aegean. The relaxing atmosphere of Donoussa will definitely seduce you!

The northernmost island of the Small Eastern Cyclades is located east of the island of Naxos and north of Amorgos. Donousa was named after Dionysus, the ancient Greek God of wine who offered Ariadne a hiding place on the island from Theseus.


Explore by boat magnificent caves like “Spilia Tichou” (Cave of the Wall) with its beautiful stalactite formations, located northwest, and “Fokospilia” (meaning seal cave), at the eastern coast of the island, a seal habitat where you can also admire the astonishing tinted blue deep waters.  Your beach journey can begin from the island’s port where blonde sandy beaches await you. More charming sandy beaches can be found in the south such as Kedros – where a German ship wreck is found on the sea-bottom –  Vathi Limenari, Livadi and Fykio with their dainty seabeds. In the northern part of Donousa don’t miss the three pebble-stone beaches of Kalotaritissa with turquoise waters.

Donoussa may be a small island without any major attractions that will leave you speechless. Nonetheless, its sea caves, churches, and windmills tell a different, more interesting story: that of the everyday life of a tiny remote Cycladic island.

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