Rent a Rib & Explore Koufonissia islands.

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This summer we challenge you to discover the most amazing islands and beaches by rib boat or a speed boat. It is an experience that you will never forget. You can book it with captain or without in case you have license and create your own experience. Rent a rib boat and let the adventure begin…

Koufonisia is a group of two beautiful islands, Pano or Ano Koufonisi (“upper Koufonisi”) and Kato Koufonisi (“lower Koufonisi”). Koufonisia belong to the so-called Small Cyclades, and indeed, they are so small that you can easily get around on foot.

Explore this paradise by boat and dive into an emerald dream with crystal clear waters. Talking of waters, Koufonisia boasts some of the best beaches you’ve seen in your life! The best Koufonisia beaches are Foinikas, Loutro, Italida, and Pori, in Ano Koufonissi and Nero, Detis and Panagia in Kato Koufonissi. If you want to explore the pristine coastline of Koufonisia, your best bet is to rent a boat. Except for discovering sea caves and isolated coves, do not miss to jump off the boat in the turquoise waters- it is a unique experience!

Koufonisia are a favourite destination for those who seek to relax on their holidays and look for sheltered golden sand beaches, small natural pools of turquoise waters, feasts in the original ‘island way’ and seafood fresh from the sea.

Time to get there from Naxos Town: 50 minutes

Rent a rib boat and let the adventure begin…

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