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Naxos has a beautiful sea cave known as Rina cave, adjacent to the homonymous Rina bay. This is where people get the chance to swim in cool waters under a naturally formed rock dome.

Where is Rina cave

Rina Cave is part of an unspoiled beach with exotic emerald waters. It is located on the island’s southern coast, roughly one nautical mile from Kalados, in the general Kalados area. The cove itself, Rina cove, is accessible only by sea. Therefore, a visit to it means getting there by motor boat. This cove is also a one-day excursion for many during the summer months. Keep in mind that, during strong weather conditions, Rina cave is frequented by yachts and motorboats. Its bay and its beach provide good shelter.

Rina cave is on the right side of the beach as you approach it. It is featuring a few bird nests and a fresh water spring offering cool, clean, potable water lies to the left-hand side of the cave. Inside the cave and its walls, naturally filtered water seeps from the mountain above making the water inside the cave cooler and very clear. The cave is approximately 60 meters long. However, only the entrance can be explored safely without diving gear. On display are the lovely underwater views with fish and coral in and around the cave. Beautiful stalactites line the dome. Getting the best from this experience means toting a diving light with you and spending a couple of hours to appreciate what nature can do.

Rina sea cave

What to do at Rina Cave

Exploration starts with a dive into the cool emerald sea from the boat or for the more adventurous, with a leap from the cliff above the cave and a short swim into the cave. If you are using a flashlight, the mute underwater world of the cave comes alive exploding into colour with corals and fish. The dome of the cave is home to stalactites, doves, sparrows and bats. A short relatively safe climb up the cave’s entrance to the top provides a jump into the sea for a fantastic photo opportunity to brag about to friends and family.

Rina Cave Yachting Tour

Nearby tourist attractions

The day does not have to end there. With a powerboat from Rina cave, access is easy and fast at the neighbouring Iraklia and Livadi beach, or at Venetico islet for great fishing or for an alternative swimming spot.

Also available within equally easy reach are Schinoussa, with its white-sand Psili Ammos beach or the port of Mersini and finally, Koufonissia with tropical-like waters for great swimming and landscape.

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