Schinoussa Secrets: Navigating the Aegean

Embark on a boat tour to Schinoussa, a small island with big surprises, guided by Naxos Yacht Charter’s rib cruises. Skippers Hary and Giusepe invite you to unveil the secrets of Schinoussa, from pristine beaches to charming villages that tell stories of the Aegean. Cruise with us for an authentic exploration of this hidden gem, where each corner holds a secret waiting to be discovered.

Our rib cruises provide a unique perspective, allowing you to navigate the Aegean with ease and discover the beauty that defines Schinoussa. Picture yourself anchored in turquoise waters, surrounded by the natural wonders that make this island a true Aegean gem.

Book your boat tour to Schinoussa with Naxos Yacht Charter for an immersive experience where every wave guides you to the secrets that make this small island a big delight.



Departure from: 9:00

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