The top 6 Cycladic islands for yachting

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Do you want a bit of adventure seeing more places than just the island you are staying on?

Take a short day trip with a speed boat to the nearest island to see and do more!

Naxos is a great springboard for such an activity to any one of 6 islands close by starting with its closest neighbors Paros and Antiparos. Paros is the larger of the two islands and among the popular Cycladic party islands of the Aegean Sea and an array of excellent samples of whitewashed Cycladic architecture. Antiparos or Oliaros, its much smaller neighbor, has traditional colour and charms to experience and is much quieter.

If you are keener on ancient history, Delos is the place to be. The whole island is basically one great big site with ancient temples and a sense of spirituality. A really good place to visit during the day for sightseeing and taking in a little history with short hikes. Mykonos is close by and is of course one of the best known party islands in the world with jet setters and the famous rubbing shoulders at the night clubs. Even if you don’t stay the night, exploring the high-end market there is quite exciting.

Schinoussa Island is a relatively remote tiny island named for the mastic tree shrubs there. It is more of a quiet settlement for peace and quiet at secluded beaches, lazy days and good food in a very relaxed atmosphere in the village of Schinoussa.

The Koufonissia are two tiny islands where Pano Koufonissi is inhabited and has tourist facilities taverns and shops but no cars and everything is within walking distance. It has few local inhabitants and several stunningly beautiful beaches, some of which are frequented by nudists. Absolute bliss for rest and relaxation.