Is a yacht charter holiday ideal for Naxos?

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Are you visiting Naxos island and thought of having a yacht charter holiday adventure?

Naxos is a big island and quite developed in infrastructure in certain areas. However, due to its size, it difficult to reach many of the beaches within the same day by car. So, to answer the above question, YES, a yacht charter holiday is indeed ideal for Naxos island.

Exploring Naxos by vehicle

Additionally, it is not developed everywhere and this can constitute a challenge to people that wish to visit more remote, quieter beaches. Although the main roads to almost everywhere there is a village are asphalt, roads leading to beaches are often sand roads that may not be drivable all the way to the beach. If you have a family with small children, you may well end up carrying a pile of paraphernalia to and from the beach from the car.

Another concern is that there are too many tourists from mid-June to mid-September, which means that there is a lot of traffic. One sure way to avoid this altogether is to charter a motor yacht to drop you off and collect you at a specified time. This will certainly save you some traffic aggravation and also provide a pleasant cool cruise to and from the beach of your choice.

Traffic also means that people need somewhere to park their vehicle. Once you get to your destination by car, there is nothing worse that searching for a spot to park in limited parking space and too many cars. The process can really fray the nerves, especially when there is traffic on a hot day. Not having easy parking is easily countered by going directly to the beach head by boat.

Finally, because of the limited infrastructure, many asphalt roads turn to sand roads which eventually peter out to bush and undergrowth. Naturally this does not occur with every beach but as stated earlier, a boat drops you off directly on the sand of any secluded beach.

Exploring Naxos by motor yacht

Having covered the difficulties of access by road to many of the more remote, secluded and non-accessible by vehicle beaches, a motor yacht alternative is by far the easiest way to hit the beach. In fact, by motor boat, it is easy and fast to access many beaches within the same day.

Imagine the hassle and frustration of going to a high traffic beach by car. When you hire a boat you will have no traffic because the wide blue sea is at your disposal.

No parking issue, no matter which beach you choose. Finding a place to park in limited space then carrying everything to the beach for who knows how far, and then get to do it all over again when you leave! Is it really necessary? A motor boat will get you to the beach of your choice with no such hassle.

Getting to certain secluded beaches is a bit of an adventure if you like that sort of thing. But getting there in style is far less taxing. With a motor yacht you can access any beach, no matter where on Naxos. If you change your mind, you are only a few minutes away from the next one.

At Naxos, you can now charter your own motor boat and organize your holiday according to your own wishes. Contact us for more information or book your yacht directly from our reservations form.