Amorgos island

Amorgos is an ideal yachting destination from Naxos. Read all necessary information and a brief tour guide…

Explore Amorgos

Amorgos, on the southern side of the Cyclades is one of the most beautiful Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. It is famous for its picturesque architecture and the intense spiritual ambience. It has been inhabited since the Early Cycladic Era and has a long, unbroken cultural history and tradition.

Located near Naxos, this island has stunning natural beauty, Cycladic traditional architecture and marvelous beaches. It offers total privacy. Amorgos is a veritable discreet holiday paradise for low key visitors. If you seek off the beaten track destinations and traditional colour, Amorgos is it.

What to see & do in Amorgos

A walk in Chora and the other villages of Amorgos Greece will be unforgettable, while hikers will also have the possibility to hike many longer interesting footpaths. The most famous sight of Amorgos island is the impressive whitewashed Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa with its formidable buttresses. It has been constructed on the slopes of a rock nestling into it with breathtaking view to the sea.

Several parts of the island are at considerable height above sea level, offering superb views. Amorgos is also good for hiking and naturism with opportunities to see gorgeous caves, experience great spots for diving, photograph scenic bays and hike ancient footpaths. Many trails cross the island, lead to hilltops and secluded naturist coves.

Amorgos island photos

A short photo gallery of Amorgos island, the beaches and its most popular tourist attractions. More photos to be added soon.

The Facts

Time to get there from Naxos Town: 1 hour
Places of Interest: Agia Anna beach, Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa

Departure from: 9:00

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