Delos island

Delos, the holy island of the Ancient World is now within your reach with Panteleos Naxos Yachting.

Explore Delos

Delos island near Mykonos is a Greek archaeological site in the Aegean Sea’s Cyclades archipelago. It is so important that it is a UNESCO world heritage site. This is where Apollo was born! It was a major religious center and port and the island’s ruins are testimony to that. Don’t go looking for magnificent beaches; this is ancient Cycladic history at its best!

What to see & do in Delos

If you are a history enthusiast you have plenty to see. The Archaeological Museum displays statues excavated from the nearby site. At the site houses with mosaics, an amphitheater, markets, Doric temples or and the iconic Lion statue Terrace. It is a worthwhile pilgrimage through time into the heart of Greek civilization in the Greek Cyclades islands. It is an awe inspiring experience of man’s handmade tribute to the gods.

Delos island photos

A short photo gallery of Delos island, the beaches and its most popular tourist attractions. More photos to be added soon.

The Facts

Time to get there from Naxos Town: 1 hour
Places of Interest: The Archaeological Museum, houses with mosaics, the amphitheater, ancient markets, Doric temples…

Departure from: 9:00

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