Donoussa island

Donoussa is an ideal yachting destination from Naxos. Read all necessary information and a brief tour guide…

Explore Donoussa

Donoussa is a tiny island of the Small Cyclades, located between Naxos and Amorgos. This is among the smallest islands of the complex and has not developed in tourism. There are few whitewashed houses on the island family taverns with really good home cooked food. Its lack of tourist infrastructure and ample privacy has kept it a virgin place for summer holidays. The starkness of the island is part of its extraordinary serene beauty.

What to see & do in Donoussa

The main things to do in Donoussa Island are hiking and swimming: The Island is only 13sq kilometers large and there are limited means of transport on it. Trekking to the caves of Fokospilia, a refuge for the monk seal and to see the stalactites at Tihos are day excursions. The beaches of Donoussa such as Stavros for small children, Kedros next to Stavros village and Livadi for the nudists and adventurous young, are not organized and there is little natural shade. Sunscreen and a hat or umbrella is necessary if you need protection, but all are accessible on foot if you wish and reward with serenity and cool crystal clear water.

Donoussa island

The Facts

Time to get there from Naxos Town: 1 hour
Places of Interest: Stavros Beach, Kedros Beach, Livadi Beach.

Departure from: 9:00

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