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Explore Iraklia

Iraklia is a tiny island of the Small Cyclades island complex. It is located between Naxos and Ios and although located between two of the more popular Greek islands, Iraklia Island has managed to keep its serene charm from mass tourism due to its small size. If you want to enjoy some private and peaceful moments, this is a perfect destination.

Iraklia is for those who seek peace and tranquility, for nature lovers, hikers and those who like to spend their evenings in good company with wine or ouzo and a home cooked Greek meal in a family taverna.

What to see & do in Iraklia

The cave of St. John with stalactite and stalagmite formations, the chapel of the Prophet Elias on the highest peak of Iraklia, the church of Agios Georgios close to the port and the church of Panagia are all accessible.

The beaches are not organized in Iraklia Greece and they can be reached mostly on foot, which makes some of them a great place for a short trek and free camping. Tourist facilities are few on the island, but there are enough to cater for the limited number of visitors. The island a day trip from Naxos or can be visited for holidays.

The Facts

Places of Interest: The cave of St. John, the pristine and anorganized beaches, the tranquility

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