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Koufonissia, a paradise island destination south of  Naxos. Read all necessary information and a brief tour guide…

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Koufonisia is plural; they are in fact two islands, Pano Koufonissi and Kato Koufonissi and belong to the complex of Small Cyclades. The former is inhabited and has tourist facilities, and the latter which is totally uninhabited and mostly visited for an even more private beach trip from Pano Koufonissi.

Located between Naxos and Amorgos, the pair is an ideal place to relax and forget the world. It has no cars to speak of, everything is within walking distance, it has just the right number of people, stunningly beautiful beaches, some nudist and great food. It is perfect for walking and cycling. Chora, the capital, has concentrated most activities and it is of course, where most tourist accommodation, taverns and shops are found. The islands are great for a day trip from Naxos or for short holidays and absolute relaxation.

Koufonissi island beach

What to see & do in Koufonissia

Both Koufonisia islands are small, remote and quiet with few things to do but they have become quite popular with local tourism in recent years. Eating at fish taverns and lounge cafeterias, swimming at fabulous beaches of Pori, Italida and Fanos with clean beachheads and cool clean waters most of which are also nudist and bicycle rides are perfect way to relax during your Koufonisia holidays.

Koufonissia islands photos

A short photo gallery of Koufonissia islands, the beaches and its most popular tourist attractions. More photos to be added soon.

The Facts

Places of Interest: Swimming, swimming and swimming!!!

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