Paros island

Paros is an ideal yachting destination from Naxos. Read all necessary information and a brief tour guide…

Explore Paros

Paros Island is among the most popular of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea known for its traditional villages and beaches. It is ideal for the younger generations, romantic couples and families. Parikia, is the bayside capital. It is one of the boating and transportation hubs of the Cycladic region. The Parian villages are mainly traditional, particularly Parikia, Lefkes and Naoussa. They are all excellent samples of Cycladic architecture. All with whitewashed sugar cube like houses, paved streets and blue-domed churches as seen in Santorini.

It is only 6-10 nautical miles that separate Paros from Naxos. Getting there by yacht is as fast as it can ever get. You will have the opportunity to explore many seaside villages and settlements and enjoy good food.

What to see & do in Paros

Panagia Ekatontapiliani, in Parikia is a landmark Byzantine church from the 4th century A.D. Kolimbithres on the northern coast is a beach where swimming coves have been sculpted from rocks. The beaches are famous for the clean waters and the golden sands. The Golden Beach and New Golden Beach on the south eastern edge of the island are great for windsurfing. A short but relaxing day trip from the island to the small neighbouring island of Antiparos is a good excursion also.

Paros island photos

A short photo gallery of Paros island, the beaches and its most popular tourist attractions. More photos to be added soon.

The Facts

Time to get there from Naxos Town: 1 hour
Places of Interest: Naoussa, Golden Beach, Piso Livadi, Ampelas, Dryos and Marpissa

Departure from: 9:00

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