Schinoussa island

Schinoussa is an ideal and close yachting destination from Naxos. Read all necessary information and a brief tour guide…

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Schinoussa Island is a tiny and relatively remote island located to the south of Naxos. Schinoussa Island belongs to the complex of Small Cyclades and is approximately 9 square kilometers. Schinoussa is named for the mastic tree shrubs growing all over the island.

The port (Mersini) is considered one of the best shelters for small vessels in the Aegean. It has only two villages, Chora the capital and Messaria. This island is perfect for vacations filled with tranquility and reflection. The wild landscape consists of low green hills and small valleys between them with secluded beaches offer relaxation and total privacy.

Tourist facilities are few in Schinoussa but in recent years the island has developed several infrastructures satisfying the most demanding guests. In fact, it was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the six places to visit in Greece, but clearly it is equipped for a limited number of visitors.

The beaches are clean and the waters, crystalline and all are accessible mostly on foot or private means of transport. Visiting Schinoussa for short holidays or as a day trip from Naxos is easy and fun. Only the main village of Schinoussa has enough taverns and shops gathered in one spot.

Schinoussa island

What to see & do in Schinoussa

Swimming in the cool crystalline waters at any of the no less than 18 beaches of the island is recommended. Hiking the island paths and attending one of the many cultural events that take place during the summer is another suggestion. The island is tiny, so food is a family affair. Enjoying good meals of Mediterranean cuisine and fresh fish at any of the family owned taverns is a must.

The Facts

Places of Interest: Antiquities, traditional villages, secluded beaches & great food

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