Do you enjoy fishing? You have come to the right place!

Are you going on holiday on Naxos? Then, you should know that fishing is one of the most relaxing pastimes you can indulge in, especially during your holiday. What started out some 40,000 years ago as means for survival has now conquered the tourism industry all over the world.

Interestingly enough, it is widely accepted that fishing provides many health benefits to both body and mind. It is one of those special activities that lets you come in such a close contact with nature. Moreover, it seems that being on or close to water does a great job at reducing anxiety and forgetting all worries. Not to mention that you can catch your own food while having the time of your life.

Fishing with our motor boats

For those who have never tried fishing before, it is not all just a serene activity, it can be really exciting and challenging as well if you enjoy sport fishing. It is great fun for a beginner but takes years to master the art of angling and have some good results. However, the fun always remains.

From summer 2019, a new opportunity has appeared for the lovers of fishing in Naxos. Our 3 motor boats (Filitsa I, II & III) can take you faster than any other vessel on the island to one or more of the best fishing spots of Naxos in no time. But our services do not stop there.

In essence, because of our speed advantage, all islands near Naxos are within your reach to enjoy like never before. At the same time you will be able to explore some of the Cyclades islands “in depth”. Whether you catch some fish or not, you will still have stories to tell your friends and family.

Check our destinations and select the islands you would like to visit. Our team will provide all necessary information. We, the Panteleos family, have been fishing these waters for decades and are willing to share our secrets with you.

Whether you want to go fishing for a day or more, you can either return to Naxos in the evening or spend your night out in the open sky, choosing your ideal beach as your camping site.

With our motor boats you will be able to do so much more than just fishing. Swimming, snorkeling, exploring prehistoric caves, amazing shores and seaside traditional villages, are all within your reach, take your pick.

Motor boat equipment for fishing

Fishing rods are provided upon previous request, at no extra charge.
All our yachts are equipped with a refrigerator to store your catch.

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